NAID AAA Certified

The Mobile Shredding Company is now NAID AAA Certified.

NAID AAA CertifiedWhat does this mean?

NAID AAA was introduced in order to deal with the many horror stories and “cowboys” in the secure destruction industry. Too many providers, by both neglect and design, were not completing secure destruction in a suitable or timely manner. Whole intact documents have been known to end up at the tip, be baled whole then sent to overseas paper mills or be left for weeks unsecured before being shredded.

Through a comprehensive program of scheduled and unannounced audits, NAID AAA certification verifies the qualifications of document destruction providers.

Customers no longer have to rely on just the promises of their supplier. Using a NAID AAA certified supplier gives customers peace of mind, knowing that they are using a service that is following industry best practice. A service tested and confirmed as secure.

Sound destruction procedures and policies are not just excellent business practice: they are the law. For serious and/or repeated interferences of privacy, the fines are $1,700,000 for organisations and $340,000 for individuals. Using a NAID AAA supplier means that organisations will meet the requirement of the Privacy Act 1988 that states, “the entity must take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to destroy the information…

Issues like protection of reputation, corporate espionage, the increased requirements of the Privacy Act and identity theft (the world’s fastest growing crime) mean that, the secure management and disposal of documentation is extremely important to all organisations.

The Mobile Shredding Company is now the only NAID AAA certified secure document destruction supplier operating in the Greater Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Port Stephens areas.

The Mobile Shredding Company NAID AAA Certificate 2019

To learn more about NAID AAA Certification, please watch the video below:

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