Shredding is important! In today's business world, virtually every document created is confidential in one way or another. The most responsible action and the best way to protect yourself and your company is to shred all discarded information.

A variety of issues and concerns drive the need to systematically and completely destroy discarded information by shredding. Consider the following 5 reasons why you should shred:

1. Privacy Act Compliance

The National Privacy Principles section 4.2 states "An organisation must take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for any purpose for which the information may be used or disclosed under National Privacy Principle 2."

Protect Your Business from a breach of the Privacy Act by using a Secure Document Shredding Program

2. The Massive Growth in Identity Fraud

Available evidence suggests that identity fraud is significant and growing. In the United States of America (US), for example, identity fraud is described as growing at a rate of 30% per annum, with its losses estimated at reaching US$ 8 billion by 2005 (Supreme Court of the State of Florida, 2002).
Identity Fraud is attractive to criminals - The average loss to the financial industry in the US is approximately $17,000 per compromised identity. This compares to the average bank robbery netting $3,500 with a greater risk of personal harm to the criminal (Supreme Court of the State of Florida, 2002).

Protect Yourself and Your Customers from Identity Fraud by using a Secure Document Shredding Program

3. Protection from Corporate Espionage

Be it by acts of Corporate Espionage or by your own business' oversights the risk of confidential or sensitive printed information falling into the wrong hands remains a real and present threat to business. Look at the list of items we recommend you shred on our what to shred page and consider the potentially devastating effects of this information being in the wrong hands.

Your Future Depends on Protecting Your Information through a Secure Document Shredding Program.

4. Customer & Staff Privacy Expectations

Today privacy is a big deal. With emotions playing a big part in any buying decision consider the power that a demonstrable respect for the privacy can have on your growth and bottom line. Customers will choose to do business with companies that treat their personal information with respect and confidentiality. As employers, businesses hold a great deal of private and personal information about employees. Employees know this and when they can see that the employer respects their privacy with a simple act like securely shredding old personnel files the net result becomes much more important - it's now about developing trust, a vital step in building a productive and loyal team.

Your business will grow when you protect the information of others by using a Secure Document Shredding Program.

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