Why Mobile Shredding?

The Mobile Shredding Comparison

Issue In-House Shredding The Mobile Shredding Company
  • Cost of equipment - A mid range office shredder is around $500.
  • Maintenance and running costs.
  • Shredding can be very time consuming.
  • No equipment to buy.
  • No maintenance or running costs.
  • No staff time required
  • Entry Level or part-time employees may have access to your company's most confidential information.
  • Shredding can be seen as a waste of productive time by some employees, and in busy times it may not be done completely or correctly.
  • No documented support for what has been shred or when it was shredded.
  • The confidential information is held in lock bins until it is shredded.
  • Employees only need to deposit the documents in the secure bin onsite to ensure complete destruction.
  • A reliable, fully documented and systematic method of destruction.
Ease of use
  • With small in-house shredders all material must be pre-processed before shredding to remove staples, clips etc.
  • Only a few sheets can be fed into the shredder at a time.
  • The shredded waste is messy and takes up a lot of bin space.
  • The powerful onboard shredders can handle all types of office stationery like staples, clips, boxes, folders etc.
  • The onboard shredder destroys at a rate significantly faster than any office shredder.
  • The waste is held onboard the truck where it is taken for recycling.


Issue Off-Site Shredding Service The Mobile Shredding Company
Opportunity for error
  • Many opportunities for things to go wrong leaving your confidential documents in danger of falling into the public domain or into the wrong hands.
  • What happens between pick up and the final destruction of your documents?
  • Where is the shredding done?
  • Who does the shredding?
  • Are your documents sorted by colour or grade to improve the sale value of the shredded material?
  • Are your documents held until there are enough documents for a shredding run?
  • Opportunity for error has been minimised by the design of the service.
  • Your never lose control of your intact confidential information.
  • The shredding is done onboard the truck at your site.
  • The shredding is done by the uniformed customer service representitive who collected the bin.
  • There is no sorting or grading, the documents go direct from the bin into the hopper of the shredder.
  • All documents are destroyed immediately and on the spot.
  • Can include shredding fees, bin rental, delivery fees, service fees and administration fees.
  • Simple fee structure that includes shredding fee and bin rental fee only. No other hidden fees.
  • Competitively priced yet offering a superior service.
Able to be witnessed
  • Difficult & hard to arrange witnessing the destruction.
  • Time consuming as you must travel to the shredding facility.
  • Not practable for every destruction.
  • Easy
  • Just come to the truck parked at or near your premises anytime you please to witness the destruction of your documents.
  • Hard to change from a standard bin style service.
  • Flexible solutions to meet your needs.
  • Archive shredding - any quantity any time. We come to you with truck ready to shred.

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